domingo, 14 de octubre de 2007


As part of a tune (Autumn leaves) or as the keyword in the coarse rehearsal of his audacity (Lester Young´s ), the third person singular of this irregular verb has a long tradition in conveying almost any both permanent and unsteady shade of meaning (beg your pardon for the Benetian syntax). Glenn Gould´s humble humming all along the music satisfies both standards, not only managing to acquire a higher level of understability but also displaying a sophisticated farewell ceremony which leaves a Bachian scent hanging about by way of apology. Listening to Glenn leaning over the keyboard poses a timely question: is music the autumnal tube of time so long listened for?

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Monica dijo...

Hola hoy no me sido posible escuchar el peograma pero el sábado no me lo pierdo.
Carl tengo interés en leer este artículo de Glenn ¿sería mucha molestia que me lo tradujeses?Un saludo y suerte con el programa.